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There are many questions on lining that we could not even begin to put on this page. If you have a question that you would like answered about lining, please call us at 1-800-450-9368 or email us.

All draperies are recommended to be dry cleaned unless they are 100% polyester and have a 100% drapery lining, then machine washing can be done a gentle cycle with warm water and a mild detergent. For more washing techniques click here.

Premiere sateen, premiere napped sateen, sterling sateen and sonata sateen.

We now have the new Bella Notte Silky Blackout. This is a very soft and light weight blackout lining. It is 100% Polyester micro suede and is approximately 20% lighter in weight. This is a great blackout for those long panels and for the multi width panels. This lining will help keep the weight off the blackout lined window treatments while giving you a great hand and very soft draping quality.

Soft, is truly a contradiction of terms when you ask about blackouts.  The best product for softness is the Roc- lon “budget” blackout, which has a lighter face fabric, which allows it to have a little more flexibility over the heavier face fabric.

The designer workrooms are using the following process: 1st layer is the face fabric, 2nd layer is an interlining, 3rd layer is ruby plus sateen, black, 4th layer is your regular lining.  This works well in all reports back from our designer workrooms.

You should never pin the face fabric through a blackout lining while fabricating due to the fact that all blackouts have an acrylic backing and when you puncture the acrylic back you will leave a permanent pin hole where light could show through on the treatment after its been installed.

The bella notte, duet, is the best option because it has a nice soft suede for the face and it also has a polyester batting that is bonded to the back side, which will help to absorb the thread and kill the pin holes on the hem and help to keep the pin holes away from the rings.

When the mill creates a blackout lining, they have one layer of a black liquid suede that goes on the face fabric first, then there are two layers of white suede applied over the black layer, hense the term, 3-pass.

The industry traditional standard is to use 100% cotton lining, but you can use any lining that is to your liking or to the preference of your customer.

Blended linings will not wrinkle as much as 100% cotton linings. They will wrinkle if they are abused and tossed about, which will cause them to need pressing.

When a blended lining has a polyester base, for its composition, you need to use a cool iron to press this lining. Polyester is a basic plastic and when you put heat to plastic it will melt or pull back and or puddle.

The best lining to use is one that you like to work with and is going to make your customer happy.

The most commonly used is the heavy flannel, which adds body to the silk and gives it a true rich elegant look.

Designers will use bleached white flannel with light colored silks, this is in order not to have the face silk fabric discolor from the interior lighting, i.e., white silk will appear to have a creamy cast if you use the natural flannels.

This product is normally used by designers on silk fabrics. This will create the European style look that many customers are after.  This is truly the top of the line in elegance with silk window treatments.

The light weight, 70% polyester-30% cotton, 115" wide, wide rail, both white and ivory are available.

When the mill treats a fabric for fire retardency they cannot have a polished face because of the chemical and the chemical when dried does make the fabric a bit on the stiff side.

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