Meet The Family

Meet the Angel's FamilyAngel's Distributing has been a family owned and operated full-service provider of fabric drapery linings since 1977. When my father and I started the business, he established our guiding principles -- Serve your customer with the highest quality fabrics available, with the best service you can possibly give, and offer the absolute best competitive pricing in the market. We have maintained our commitment to those three standards and have enjoyed continued success. We also unofficially dipped into the candy business with our signature Tootsie Pops in every fabric delivery.


Ralph Angel

Owner & President

Karen Angel

Owner & CFO

Taylor Angel

Vice President

Niko Angel

Directory of Operations

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Dallas, TX

"I want to say how helpful and nice your staff is when I call in my orders. It is so nice to not talk to an answering machine and actually speak to real people."

Seattle, WA

"Thank you for the great money-saving specials and the special shipping allowances. You help all of us to be able to survive in this crazy economy."

Framingham, MA

"I need to tell you that when my grandchildren see your bolts of lining, they immediately grab them and take them down to my workroom for me so I can open them up and give them the tootsie pops.  Thank you for helping my back!"

Cincinatti, OH

"I want to know how it is that I can call you at three o’clock in the afternoon, and the lining is on my door step at 10:00 the next morning…..amazing!"

San Francisco, CA

"I need to ask you a favor. When you send our lining, can you put three tootsie pops in each bolt? I have three sewers and when there are only two tootsie pops, I have to play referee in the workroom! Just a note, I like cherry:)"

Naples, FL

"I want to say, we appreciate your lining, your pricing, your service, and especially you.  Thank you for all you do for us."

Charlotte, NC

"I love when the owner of a company answers his own phone and actually helps me decide which lining that I need for a specific job. Please do not take away that perk."

Tucsan, AZ

"Your selection of blackout linings is second to none and they are always at the best price.  Keep it that way!"

Louisville, KY

"I just wanted to let you know how nice the suckers are. My husband has the chore of moving the large, heavy bolts of lining around. We get your lining for each designer we work for so we get many bolts for each. It is Ken’s treat to get a sucker once the bolt is delivered down to the workroom. Those of us working in the workroom also enjoy them very much. Your company is special in this way. I always recommend you."

Wakefield, RI

"Angels is a family owned and operated business and is my only choice for any of my lining needs. Their sales and special offers are unbeatable and they go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy. I could go on and on but didn’t think you wanted to read a!" ~ Nicole

Aiken, SC


"I just received my lining from Angels and I want to comment on how beautiful it is. The pale ivory sterling sateen is beautiful for any job. I ordered it on Friday and it was delivered on Tuesday! I also love your tootsie roll touch! Such a nice surprise! I’ll be ordering from you all again! Thanks!


Sharon - AIKEN, SC"



“Every time I get an order my grandson inspects the packaging to see if it's from Angels because he knows there are lollipops in it. Needless to say I have to open the lining whether I need it now or not.  Wanted to share this picture with you when he found a goldmine of lollipops! 

Thank you for bringing so much joy to his day, he went in to his happy dance.

Sincerely ,