50/50 Blended

Our assortment of cotton-polyester blended sateen linings can not be matched by anyone in the industry for quality or price.

NameWidthContentColorsAve Bolt Size
Sterling Sateen54"52% Cotton-48% PolyesterWhite, Pale Ivory & Ivory100 Yards
Sterling Sateen110"52% Cotton-48% PolyesterWhite, Pale Ivory & Ivory45 Yards
Prestige Blend54"52% Cotton-48% PolyesterWhite & Ivory100 yards
Prestige Blend Senturion54"52% Cotton-48% PolyesterWhite & Ivory30 yards
Satin Sheen54"50% Cotton-50% PolyesterWhite & Ivory100 Yards
Satin Sheen54"50% Cotton-50% PolyesterKhaki100 Yards
Caroline Lining54"60% Cotton-40% PolyesterWhite & Ivory100 Yards
Millbrooke Sateen54"55% Cotton-45% PolyesterWhite & Ivory100 Yards
MillBrooke Sateen110"55% Cotton-45% SateenWhite & Ivory50 Yards
Signature Sateen54"50% Cotton-50% PolyesterWhite & Ivory100 Yards
Signature Sateen110"50% Cotton-50% PolyesterWhite & Ivory50 Yards

Note: Cut Orders

All cut orders need to be a minimum of 10 yards or there will be a $10.00 surcharge on anything shorter than 10 yards.