100% Cotton & Cotton Napped

Angel’s Distributing Inc. provides the highest quality cotton, cotton napped sateens and regular cotton sateen linings for window treatments, from the finest mills in the USA, Rockland Mills, Nationwide Mills and from England, and Edmund Bell LTD.

NameWidthContentColorsAvg Bolt Size
Angel's Premiere Sateen54"100% CottonPutty, Khaki, Dove Gray, & Black70 yards
Angel's Premiere Sateen80"100% CottonWhite, Pale Ivory40 yards
Angel's Premiere Sateen110"100% CottonWhite, Pale Ivory & Ivory40 yards
Angel's Premiere Sateen54"100% CottonWhite, Pale Ivory & Ivory75 yards
Angel's Premiere Napped Sateen54"100% CottonWhite, Pale Ivory, Ivory, & Khaki 70 yards
Angel's Premiere Napped Sateen106"100% CottonWhite, Pale Ivory & Ivory40 yards
Royal Sateen113"100% CottonWhite & Ivory50 yards
Classic Sateen54"100% CottonWhite & Ivory70 yards
Ruby Plus Sateen54"100% CottonWhite & Ivory100 yards
Ruby Plus Sateen54"100% CottonPutty, Tan, & Black100 yards
Classic Napped Sateen54"100% CottonWhite & Ivory70 Yards
Weather Guard54"100% CottonWhite & Ivory100 Yards

Note: Cut Orders

All cut orders need to be a minimum of 10 yards or there will be a $10.00 surcharge on anything shorter than 10 yards.